Supply Chain


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• Preparation of model & molds,
• Production and processing of sand and lost-wax castings
• Free or close-die forgings, machined
• Hot-rolled rings, rough or finish machined
• Custom metal cutting
• Custom light, medium and heavy welding fabrication
• Special alloy overlays
• Additive manufacturing (DMLS - EBM - SLS)
Thermal treatments
Surface Treatments and Paintings
NDT Inspections
• Chemical analysis
• Product mechanical testing
• Custom machine roughing or finishing
• CMM dimensional measurement certification, on request
• Mounting
• Functional pressure tests
• Recovery and regeneration of hydro machines
• Logistics and emergency services
• Reverse-engineering at customer’s request



We coordinate several stages of the production process: from customer drawings to manufacturing of finished components and, if required, to their fitting.
We simplify your purchasing process by giving you complete all-round guarantees with regard to execution times and product quality, providing.

• Mechanical components finished to drawing
• Complete turbine distributors
• Turbine injectors
• Finished and balanced, new and remanufactured turbine runners
• Finished Kaplan vanes
• Components for centrifugal machines
• Finished pump housings and valve bodies
• Bearings, bushings, seals
• Finished and NDT-tested servomotors
• Guide and thrust shoes
• Decanters with leak test
• Finished and balanced pump runners
• Finished shafts and rotors
• Assembled reducers and multipliers
• Bypass Valves
• Impellers for turbocompressors
• Mountings


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